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    Hoping someone can help. Unable to get the transcription back from Google. In order to test, I commented out the last line of the script (#rm -Rf $TMPDIR) so that it keeps the streamed files in /tmp/tmp.***. If I send the same stream.part3.flac file and send it to Google, the results come back without a problem (love the punctuation, much better than IBM’s results):

    [root@cf tmp]# cd tmp.wunR4plUsY/
    [root@cf tmp.wunR4plUsY]# gcloud ml speech recognize stream.part3.flac --language-code='en-US'
    "results": [
    "alternatives": [
    "confidence": 0.76667136,
    "transcript": "How are you today? The weather is wonderful."
    [root@cf tmp.wunR4plUsY]#

    However, there is an issue with how the file is sent to Google, or how it is being returned as per the script, because I only get the result from the line below.

    if [ -z "$FILTERED" ]
    echo "(Google was unable to recognize any speech in audio data.)" >>

    What am I missing that it would work if I manually send it, and not if the script is doing its thing? Thanks in advance.

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