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    Hi There,

    Answering to your questions:

    1. Allow combining internal and external phonebook. E.g. Setting up a “Phonebook Group” which will fetch the data from multiple phonebooks.

    Nowadays, most of the phones in the market can handle multiple phonebooks. I have seen Grandstream and Yealink phones with the option to define up to 5 phonebooks.

    In addition, some phones don’t allow to group contacts, there are a few phones who allows this.

    1. Allow adding fields for internal and external contacts, such as Email, Work, Mobile & Home numbers, and maybe notes or something like that.

    The external contacts already have the following fields: Organization, Job Title, and Email. We will analyze the possibility to add this field for the extensions.

    About the fields for additional phone numbers, let us think about it because right now we use the phone field to avoid duplicated contacts with the same number.

    However, remember no all the phone brands can handle these additional fields.

    1. Allow accessing phonebooks in Sonata and/or in the User Portal.
      1. Once end-users can access, we should have an option to give specific users write access.
      2. Finally, users should be able to “Click to dial” the same as you can do now in the portal CDR.

    We could add a new module on the portal users where the user could access to phonebooks assigned to him, and of course, add the click to dial functionality.