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    Jose Miguel Rivera: You must check on your provider side if is not requesting such registrations due to disconnection issues. In any case, using SIP protocol only allows you one device registered to it.

    We had this problem with another provider once, its happening with another provider today, we already spoken, they say that they work on passive mode only and dont send any kind of request.
    I can see the 2 registrations occuring, the sip show doesnt list it,  besides the SIP protocol allow it or not, maybe the second one kicks out the first in a infinite looping but is indeed happening.
    In this moment is happening again, the calls starts to fail to complete in a intermitent way, about half of of the trials dont complete, we managed to verify and got the problem again, so I disabled the trunk, and the segond registration is out, the callings begins to work again, only the ghost registration is active.

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