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    Update: This can be done.

    I was able to use a custom context to create an extension to trigger recording of a hard-wired path for each of the sound files my client uses.  This necessitated my examining by hand the sound file’s ultimate filepath generated when it was first created.  This means i have custom code that is utterly specific to the sound file written by hand – but it does give me what I needed for our client.

    NOTE:  Sound filepaths generated by vitalpbx end up being transformed into something that looks similar to this

    • /var/lib/vitalpbx/static/adab0e81ba1914f7/recordings/e4da3b7fbbce2345d7772b0674a318d5.wav

    I eagerly await a means of associating a re-record feature that works via feature code or similar so that it can be used by clients outside the tenant admin portal.  Until then, this is the only means of doing this that I can come up with.  If anyone has a better way – I would love to know of, and learn from, it.