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    Hi Rodrigo,

    I love the support for managing recordings in the portal, my issue is that I have many clients who are not using the portal but just want to record the message easily using just the phone.


    For example today I put feature in ivr to dial 3000 to record a new version of the sound file that was the ivr instruction message.   This was perfect for the woman who answers the phones and does not use the portal.   She was able to just dial that hidden ivr option and Bam! the IVR instructions were now her recorded message instead of the default Google tts sound file i had primed the IVR with.


    I am a very familiar with FreePBX and core asterisk and feature codes to record messages like this are, I promise, a very common and desired thing that both environments can easily support.

    I am leading the charge to use VitalPBX for our customers so they will have the portal and the Vixti client and all the benefits your product makes possible    I am very keen to see VitalPBX replace both types of environments but I need your help to see why feature codes to record sound files are a feature VitalPBX should provide.

    As I said I can do so by hard wiring the sound file path as is, but that is unwieldy and requires client specific custom code every time I do an IVR.  This I am willing to do short term but only if I know that at some point V.PBX will add the feature to its repertoire.


    What do you think?  Can younsee adding this at some future date?  I would point out that just about every other system out there offers similar capability.


    Thanks for responding and hearing me out my friend.  It is a great product you are making and I truly am a fan.



    -Michael Moore (RDI CityVoIP)