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    Thanks for the response mo10. Yes, I am referring to that migration script v2 to v3 on github. What I found out in the meantime is that incrediblepbx had packaged their own variant of vitalpbx v2, so that’s why there was no update available because like many other projects nerdvittles puts out, it gets abandoned shortly after.

    I switched back to the official vitalpbx v2 packages and had no trouble upgrading to the latest v2 version which is working.

    Then I attempted the migration script again and while it succeeded (I have versionlocked glibc* with yum), there were some errors in the web UI so I rolled back again and am on the latest v2 today.

    Since you mentioned version 323 doesn’t crash asterisk, maybe I’ll try unlocking the glibc* packages and attempt the migration again.