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    Maynor Peralta
    Hello Sir,

    The “display name” is a visual attribute only, it should not affect the registration. Can you give us more details about the issue?

    Regarding your query, if the extension will be used in a physical desktop phone and vitxi mobile, you can use the same extension and just increase the “max contacts”.

    If the extension will also be used by a softphone that uses WebRTC technology, you must edit the pjsip profile (Settings > Technology Settings > Device Profiles) and make the following configurations:

    • Set Transport to “Auto”.
    • Enable WebRTC.
    • Disable Direct Media.
    • Enable Ice Support.
    • Disable the Asymmetric RTP Codec.

    Save the configurations and perform the necessary tests.

    Another way to handle this would be to create an additional device for the extension and assign it the “Default WebRTC Profile”. This way you have a better handling of the device configurations depending on the client in which it will be used.

    I look forward to any additional comments.

    Best regards!