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    Hello @maynor,

    Thanks much for the recent VitXi update, it is much more stable!

    Here is some feedback/bugs/feature requests I’d like to report:

    • While you are on the phone and answer an incoming call, it does not seem like it is possible to merge the new incoming call to create a conference.
    • An end-user tried changing their password, they got an error “the password could not be changed” [1]. But I was able to set that same exact password from the Admin side.
    • When an admin changes a end-user’s password, the end-user’s settings seems to be resetting as well, such as the dark mode reverts to regular mode.
    • It seems like it is not possible to send hash/pound/# as DTMF when using the keyboard (Shift + 3)
    • It seems like you cannot send DTMF after you created a conference (at least not possible with the keyboard)
    • Please add that when you click on a tel:PHONENUM links it should be allowed to open in VitXi
    • Please add keyboard shortcuts. For example: Selecting a number and pressing Ctrl + NV it should initiate a call, when pressing Ctrl + HV it will hangup the current call. (These are just examples)
    • We would really like to start rolling this out for clients that do not have a monthly plan, I would suggest you to please start selling individual user licenses.

    [1] Here’s a screenshot of the password error

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Thank you



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