Reply To: Bugs in NEW Provisioning.

    1. I have tested the duplicate template option with the same model and I have not found any issue
    2. Do you mean the parameter “SIP10 Phone Number” is set to zero instead of NULL?
    3. I have configured some keys and looks like are saved in the right order (I’m attaching some pictures)
    4. True, this is because there are ambiguous values in the dropdown.
    5. The default value must be “Line” because otherwise the accounts will be not shown on the phones
    6. For now, this option shares the template with all the tenants. We will have your suggestion in mind.
    7. This is something that we don’t pretend to implement. You as the PBX owner can decide if allow or not access to the templates module, but, you are not able to decide with part of the templates the user can have access to or not.

    Thanks for reporting it and all your suggestions.

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