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    Just downloaded and installed the Vital Communicator again, because the old one. Auto Answer does not work, clicking In check for updates returns server error, try later, always.
    Now, Ive got the 2.4.5 version, the Auto Answer still does not work, besides, there is no notification when getting a call, jost the ring sound.
    At least the update in the app seems to work, Ive updated to 2.4.7. It deleted all the configured accounts, not cool. And Cant configure another, I configured another account, but the selection field of account is blank, this occurs since the very fist version we are working. some cases I could fix changing the access database directly, but the majority of them we need to redo from beggining.
    Its not a PC based problem because we tested a lot, few machines dont have failures adding accounts, looks like in the new versions it is still happening. I thinks its something to do with the INIs files and the MDB data not corresponding in some way, all of the ini of my old accounts was there, but not at the MDB maybe, did not looked this time, just renamed to force a creation of a new one.
    Well, At the end of this, after renaming the INIs Folder and renaming the MDB file and recreating all the accounts in the new version, look like it is working again, notification in callings OK, auto answer OK.
    So, its not the ideal but who is having problem can try the same, rename the folder accounts to accounts_bkp and the file Master.mdb to Master-BKP.mdb for example, when opening the VCOM.exe it will behave like finishing the instalation, reconfigure again an test.