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    Hi Rodrigo, sorry for the delayed response.

    There is two different issues.

    1. A general queue issue: The queues are not populated in asterisk until you run vitalpbx fully-dump-conf. I even tried restarting Asterisk prior to running that command, but there were no queues.
    2. Dynamic agents: They are not getting logged in to the queues on the secondary server.

    So, as mentioned on github, the question is: Is there a possibility to modify the script to support the following?

    • Hardcode both IPs, so we can run it with a cronjob every few hours or every night.
    • The script should run on the secondary the following commands, so it builds the queues:
      • vitalpbx fully-dump-conf
      • vitalpbx check-integrity
    • Once the restore is done, stop asterisk on the secondary, clone the primary AsteriskDB, restore it on the secondary, start asterisk again on the secondary.

    Adding the above would make it much easier to run a replica script a few times a day. That way we can have the config on both servers very similar one to the other.

    Let me know if you have any questions

    Thank you