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    In SETTINGS/Voice Prompts/Recording Management you can upload the recording again just by pressing the Edit Button, you can even record it again from the phone with just pressing the Record by Phone button. It is not necessary to use a feature code, since this will limit the recording only from the phone.


    as Michael said before: those are all really cool features BUT it would be awesome if you could implement a code that someone would be able to dial to overwrite that file.
    calling a number like *222*7347509384 would be totally fine for that since it could be added in phonebook or as speedial.
    Since you use IDs for the recordings already it should not be hard to do

    This number would tell you to record your message after the tone and then press the pound key.
    It should then playback the recording and ask:
    “Would you like to keep this recording press 1”, “re record press 2”, or “Cancel press 3”.

    Who is with us on this?