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    After a lot of experimenting, I figured out how to do this… for the most part. I have only one issue. Is there any way to get the dial by name directory in an alternate language?

    My scenario is the following:

    Call comes in goes to IVR – in the IVR I have my usual options but I also have two special cases. 1. for service in french press 9 and 2. to consult the directory press #.  Under entries in the IVR for ‘9’ I chose languages and IVR-FR (which I setup under incoming calls > languages). PERFECT! this worked like a charm, very happy about this. Now I need to solve my dial by name directory issue. In order to get this setup, I used a custom destination, number to dial is 411 and name is ‘Directory’ so under my entry for “#” I choose custom destinations and directory and it works perfectly in the first language. I tried to use languages under incoming calls to setup a french version of directory and specifying it in the IVR, but that didn’t work. All voice prompts of 411 come in the language specified in the inbound route.

    Does anybody know how I can accomplish what I need to do? Help is greatly appreciated!


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