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    Maynor Peralta
    Hello Sir,

    Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions,

    Answering your questions:

    1. Why do you make the export and import formats different?
    R= we are going to make some changes so that the export and import formats are as similar as possible.

    2. Also, can you please add the Phonebooks as an option for import?
    R= Sure, we will add this option for a future update.

    3. Another issue. For maintaining/changing settings for a User in VitXi… the export does not provide the password. So, if we need to make a change to Users ’settings… how would those Users log back in to VitXi?
    Do we then need to create all new passwords for Users and communicate that to them?
    Is there a value to put in the Password column to leave the password unchanged? while allow updates of other settings?

    R= We can add the password when exporting, but it would be exported in its encrypted/hashed version. Once the password is encrypted/hashed it cannot be reverted. We can add an option like “keep password” so that a new one is not created.

    4. I’ve tried numerous times to change my password in VitXi WebRTC. Unsuccessful. I think I saw another message on this.
    What am I doing wrong?

    R= Verify that you are entering the current password correctly. It is likely that you are not setting it correctly and that is why the password change is being rejected.

    5. Is there a method for deleting VitXi WebRTC users with the import?
    R= Not currently, but it would be a good option to add it in a future update.

    6. And the import also seems to be missing the VERY IMPORTANT column called “device”. I do see a column called “extension”, but I do not believe this is the same.
    Without being able to specify the “device” the import is not that effective… since we’d need to go in to EVERY single User and click the dropdown to select the device.

    R = That’s true! We are going to improve this. There you must take the device instead of the extension.

    Best regards!