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    Hi Jose,

    I am @einm’s colleague. I will elaborate on this….

    When we setup a new tenant extension, for example Ext 102 with VM password 102, the password is stored in the tenant’s voicemail conf file as well as in the Asterisk Database and once you reload asterisk, it is stored in memory.

    Now, when the new user changes their password to 1234, it gets updated in the asterisk DB and in memory, but NOT in the tenant’s voicemail conf file, in the conf file it is still 102.

    So, if you are on the main tenant and you do a reload which is essentially a vitalpbx dump-conf, it causes asterisk to read the conf file and set the voicemail password in memory to 102.

    Now, when the user calls their voicemail and enters the 1234 password, asterisk says that it wrong… And once the person hangs up, you guys read under the h@sub-direct-voicemail context the VM pass from ${VM_INFO} which takes the VM password from memory and then you store it in the Asterisk DB.

    Let me know if you have any questions


    Thank you