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    Hi @ing-joserivera26

    I just tested the below with an external phone number, it worked just fine!!

    exten => 100,1,Noop(Testing follow me)
    exten => 100,n,Dial(Local/deskphone-100@my-phones&Local/cellphone-100@my-phones,30)
    exten => 100,n,Hangup

    exten => deskphone-100,1,Noop(Dialing extension 100)
    exten => deskphone-100,n,Dial(SIP/100)

    exten => cellphone-100,1,Noop(Calling cellphone of extension 100 and 5 seconds before dialing)
    exten => cellphone-100,n,Wait(5)
    exten => cellphone-100,n,Dial(local/812XXXXXXX@cos-all,,HhTtU(followme-confirmation))

    exten => s,1,Noop(Entered follow me confirmation sub)
    exten => s,n(start),Set(attempts=$[0${attempts}+1])
    exten => s,n,Read(accept,followme/no-recording&followme/options,1,,1,5)
    exten => s,n,GotoIf($[$["${accept}" != ""] | $["${attempts}" = "3"]]?end:start)
    exten => s,n(end),ExecIf($["${accept}" = "1"]?Noop(Connecting Call...):Set(_GOSUB_RESULT=ABORT))
    exten => s,n,Return

    Let me know if you need me to test anything further

    Thank you