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    Posted by: mrivera

    Are you using the Caller ID Modifier to  prepend a department Identifier?

    Yes I am……. My understanding is that it is working as follows:

    did -> inbound route -> CID modifier -> CID Lookup -> Queue -> Handsets

    It may just be coincidental that all incoming calls thus far have been coming on on switchboard (which has no identifier)…. In which case, i’ve asked a stupid question!!

    It’s further complicated, by some numbers being stored in our Grandstream handsets local phonebooks Also.

    If it is doing the Lookup, and then running through the modifier afterwards, then I am asking a stupid question, looking for an issue that isn’t there and apologize for wasting your time :D…… Although on a side note… I would appreciate a list of any Variables we can send to the lookup query if there are any other than [CIDNUM] 🙂