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    I’m not exactly sure I understand how things would be configured for multiple sites, but I believe the scenario would be that there is one PBX with multiple sets of extensions at different sites. For example, extensions 701-750 are located in California, and 751-800 are located in Florida. When calling the emergency number from the first extension range, it should set the CID to the main office number of the California building so that emergency dispatch can determine the location in case they need to send an ambulance/fire truck, etc. They would need a way to set California’s CID when calling from 701-750, but set Florida’s CID when calling from 751-800.

    VitalPBX is free but not open source.

    Thanks, that answers that 🙂

    So to be clear, there is currently no way to accomplish CID overrides, even if I choose not to use the Emergency Numbers module but instead just want to use Outbound Routes or something else?