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    Posted by: TheG-Man


    Is there a way to access voicemail system from outside? Like a button you press to interrupt and it prompts for passcode.

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    You can setup a Custom destination, that points to *98, this could be set inside an IVR foe example.. If you have a queue Say 8000 that all incoming calls sit in whilst the user is waiting. And have an IVR Setup that is capable of sending a keypress to a certain custom destination, there is an option in queues under “other” that has “IVR” if you press a single digit whilst sat in the queue, this will break out into the IVR, which with the correct voice Prompts you can have a hidden option, For example it plays audio in the IVR Saying “press 1 to re-enter the queue”……. But you have 1 mapped to Return to queue extension, and key 2 or 3 or 4 etc mapped to the custom destination that dials *98…… *98 will then ask you to enter the extension number, then the Pin for its mailbox…..

    Someone with more knowledge may be along shortly with a simpler suggestion for you 😉