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    Hi Trent,

    Audio one way using a stun implies (to me) that the external IP was not being handled correctly.

    I am not sure what firewall you have and if you use a sip proxy.

    It also depends on the scenario – so you may have a cloud hosted pbx and your phones are in an office behind a firewall and your trunk is somewhere different – or you may have your pbx and phones local to the same lan behind the firewall and only the pbx needs to talk to the trunk.

    So first goto settings:sip settings:network

    I have the NAT entry NAT as force/comedia and the external IP as the public IP of the PBX

    Local networks i have both the private ip of the pbx and the private ip of the lan my phones are on


    Under settings:rtp settings

    I have rtp start 10000 and rtp end 20000 and nothing else


    My firewall allows ports tcp/udp 5060, 5061 and 10000-20000 from pbx public ip to my phone lan public ip


    Go to reports:pbx reports:status reports and then peers – you want to see the extension logged in and a status of OK -if its unreachable then the firewall is not correct – the host column should show the public ip of the phone lan

    My setup FWIW is VitalPX on AWS and 3 locations with different firewalls and phones behind the firewalls, my trunk provider is somewhere else – it can be done and done securely – opening it up without a firewall is not an option.