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    Hi Josè,

    We got the problem again.

    This time the webserver we use for our script to lookup the CallerID has been up and running, however  all incoming numbers using CID Lookup where not responding.
    And at the “Status Rapport” (see earlier image), we could see that the CID Lookup was stuck.

    Thanks God we only configured it for 3 of our branches for now.

    Right now we are using CID Lookup, but we have enabled special monitoring to warn us when our those lines are down!
    Even then every time this happens my users and our customers complain about the PBX…. because we need several minutes to fix it.

    Our fix for now is:

    1.  Check if our CID Lookup server is still running
    2. if so, disable CID Lookup at the Inbound Routes (change to none) and then re-enabling them.

    Could you please build time-out field we could configure/custom set (eg. 500 ms) so VitalPBX could continue to work ignore the CID Lookup after xxx milliseconds and continue working?

    Best regards, Martijn.