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    Posted by: mrivera

    Try to set the following configurations in the advanced tab of your DAHDI Profile:

    • hanguponpolarityswitch=yes
    • callprogress=yes

    Also you may check if you already configured the right DAHDI tonezone .

    My Timezone is right “(es) Spain” and I’ve added that params but still the same behaviour:


    context = dahdi-incoming

    signalling = bri_cpe

    rxgain = 0.000

    txgain = 0.000

    usecallerid = yes

    hidecallerid = no

    relaxdtmf = no

    faxdetect = no

    echocancel = 128

    echocancelwhenbridged = yes

    switchtype = euroisdn

    inbanddisconnect = yes

    facilityenable = disabled

    overlapdial = no

    resetinterval = never

    pridialplan = unknown

    prilocaldialplan = national

    usecallingpres = yes

    hanguponpolarityswitch = yes

    callprogress = yes