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    I think, I have to explain my setup a little more….

    Both companies have their own incomming SIP-trunk (diffirent accounts).
    For outgoing calls both companies have a their own dedicated SIP-trunk (albeit from another VOIP-provider then the incoming trunks)

    If we overwrite the CID with the CID not originally attached by the VOIP-provider, the resulting call will show a unknown number in the display of the person being called.

    Furthermore although we are using one VitalPBX, because the companies have their own incoming and outgoing trunk, the companies are billed seperately, so the bookkeeper won’t be thrilled. ? 

    My knowledge of feature code are a little iffy, but I always eager  to learn ? , so it would be nice, if you could explain this CID overwrite more or point me to some hands on explanation… TIA