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    Posted by: mrivera

    How are you authenticating the Trunks, with user and name? or using a specific IP Address?

    The trunk is registered? The peer is shown as OK?

    Yes, Fieber is using username + password (secret) in combination with hostname for authentication. (Also tried a specific IP address provided by Fieber while testing this.)

    The screenshots below will show you my current environment (SIP Trunk, outbound, inbound and SIP registrations). The thing I noticed is that PBX reports shows that the SIP registration is empty (like I haven’t configured anything at all).

    SIP Trunk
    Outbound route
    Inbound route
    PBX Reports – Registrations

    The SIP trunk works fine in combination with other tools like X-lite. (Tested inbound and outbound routes.)

    Incoming call through X-Lite

    I assume that the SIP trunk should be visible in the PBX reports before it’s able to work? (And if that’s the case, why isn’t it showing up with the current configuration?)