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    Not that I’m aware of. However, with a wee bit of programming you could have VPBX query your own API handler that would look into a localized database first, followed by an external API call if needed and then subsequently stored. VPBX’s ability to at least allow for this is quite awesome.

    But value the cost of creating such a process versus the miniscule costs of OpenCNAM, along with the hassles, if you will, of potentially providing inaccurate information. Ref:

    People can get quite agitated with Caller ID naming, not fully understanding the paradigms involved and usually not caring – they just rather assume it’s voodoo magic.

    OpenCNAM also has a service for certified carriers to update their databases directly called OpenCNAM Storage. That allows a carrier to post any updated and accurate CNAME information. Additionally, it’s not only free, but also will pay you back when queries are made against that updated information. If you’re an U.S. FCC compliant carrier (a 499 filer), then consult with an OpenCNAM rep for details.