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    I switched to creating my own provisioner! ? 

    Have tested a whole gaggle of hosted PBX products with variants of Asterisk, FreeSwitch, 3CX, Broadsoft, etc.. They all have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to provisioning through their platforms or stacks, and quite frankly I’m sick of being strapped into vendor lock. Same for the manufacturers that may have their own provisioning platforms such as Yealink’s or Grandstream’s device management systems. They’re quite nice, but only work on their products obviously.

    By creating my own it gives me the flexibility to run multiple PBX platforms and buy from multiple manufacturers and bounce devices around each as needed or desired. Same concept as, I just don’t have to pay for it.

    So yeah at this point I really don’t care if VitalPBX comes back with a mac daddy provisioner, hence I was able to strike that from my requirements list. Granted I’ve been developing web apps since the birth of the web itself, so I do this in my sleep (mostly nightmares). I do recommend Phonism as a viable alternative.