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    Yealink uses a config file for autoprovisioning each firmware level has a different number added to the end of the file y0000000000xx.cfg

    For example the T48G would be  y000000000028.cfg

    The T46S version would be y000000000066.cfg

    You can see the firmware level by pressing the OK button on the phone when it is idle

    Example T46S phone firmware uses the first digits 66 so y000000000066.cfg  would be the file name for the T46S

    Pay attention to the S or G versions they are different, there is a partial list ( below )

    VitalPBX does not use these firmware files in their endpoint manager, they use the

    macaddress.cfg      Example 805EC0242220.cfg

    When your phone boots and looks for its provisioning files it will look for the 

    firmware file y000000000066.cfg then the mac file 805EC0242220.cfg (example)

    Any parameters that vitalpbx is missing can be added to the firmware file because the phone will read from both

    T2 Series
    2 – T28P
    6 – T26P
    7 – T22P
    34 – T21P
    9 – T20P
    31 – T19P

    T3 Series
    38 -T38G
    32 – T32G

    T4 Series
    35 – T48G
    28 – T46G
    29 – T42G
    36 – T41P