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    Am running 2.4.0-5 as multi-tenant with fax number in the primary tenant, and not getting any emails. Faxes are coming in fine and show in the Fax Viewer. Just no emails. Yes emails work in other parts of the system, such as voicemail attachments (using custom SMTP).

    Creating a Fax Device is straightforward and understandable. Inbound Route for faxes is quite confusing.

    1. Is an extension with Fax Enabled required in all of this?

    2. At Inbound Route, there is an option for Fax Settings and Fax Detection. What else would go there? Fax Settings pointing to an extension, or Fax Device pointing to a fax device?

    3. Also at Inbound Route there is the option for Inbound Destination, and same as #2 above, what would go here? Seems quite redundant to me. So please clarify.

    Attached is a screenshot of my Inbound Route settings. Again, even when it works am not getting the email. Thanks.