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    Sorry about the delayed response.

    I’d look at it this way

    Caller = Channel-A
    DeskPhone = Channel-B
    FollowMe Cellphone = Channel-C

    And lets set there’s a 5 second initial ring time.

    As soon as the caller calls in, Channel-B and Channel-C are immediately established, however, Channel-C has a 5 Second wait() before it dials the cellphone.

    If the DeksPhone answers, Channel-A and Channel-B are getting bridged and the PBX destroys Channel-C.

    If the Cellphone answers, Channel-B continues ringing, and only once Channel-C received a DTMF of the number 1 the PBX will bridge Channel-A and Channel-C and finally destroy Channel-B.

    That way, it will also fix the current annoying new call on the desk phone after the initial ring time.

    We have a couple of emergency systems that are routed with cellphones and landlines, we can’t migrate them over just for this reason.

    I might be able to help working on it and you can tell me a bit how the current FollowMe logic works, and where I should look for the dialplan.

    Thank you