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    The entire system is passively cooled and has been for 10+ years. There are no fans inside the enclosure. There is normal airflow.

    Yes, it is to be expected that the installation and update of VitalPBX uses more CPU than normal operation, but that does not cause a noticeable rise in temperature. It is specifically during update-initramfs that the temperature went way up. Next time, I will be ready to collect more data.

    Also, I never said it got too hot. It just got hot enough to raise temperature warnings on the BMC. Could it have sustained this level of operation for hours, maybe?

    The point was that it got hot at all. I have been running Elastix on this system for many years and never noticed anything like this when installing or updating.

    I don’t think Elastix ever got beyond Centos5, so maybe this is normal behaviour for Centos7. I have no data to compare and was wondering if anyone else has.