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    Can verify Tony’s script works well on VitalPBX!

    sudo su -

    Install the Google CloudSDK. Follow instructions here:

    Next initialize your GCS account as the asterisk user (VERY IMPORTANT).

    su -s /bin/bash asterisk
    gcloud init

    You’ll be presented with an OAuth2 URL. Copy it and launch a browser to log in using your Google Cloud account. It’ll give you a token to copy and paste back into your shell session.

    Will respond back for you to select your Google API project. You should have one already prior to doing any of this.

    If asked “Do you want to configure a default Compute Region and Zone?”, I chose No.

    Exit back to the sudo user if you’re still the asterisk user.

    yum install jq
    vi /usr/sbin/sendmail-gcloud

    Copy (or fetch) in the script from Github and save.

    chmod 755 /usr/sbin/sendmail-gcloud
    chown asterisk:asterisk /usr/sbin/sendmail-gcloud
    chmod 777 /usr/bin/dos2unix

    Now per VitalPBX’s spectacular support…

    Create the file:

    vi /etc/asterisk/ombutel/voicemail__20-general-custom.conf

    We’re extending the voicemail general settings with a parameter of our own, which is mailcmd. This is so we don’t get overwritten on the next system update.


    You want to make certain the sendmail-gcloud script is owned by asterisk.

    chown asterisk:asterisk /usr/sbin/sendmail-gcloud

    You can validate that with:

    sudo su -
    su -s /bin/bash asterisk

    Then just run the script:

    bash-4.2$ /usr/sbin/sendmail-gcloud

    If all is well you’ll get an echo back of the directory you’re sitting in. Kill it (Ctrl-C) and exit. Go to /tmp and you should see the directory the script created with an empty file within. You can delete those.

    In VitalPBX go to Settings -> Voicemail Settings and do a Save and Reload.