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    1) Go to PBX – External -Trunk and fill in the fields

    Description – any description that you want

    Codecs – choose alaw

    In Peer  section:

    Outgoing Username – my_trunk_provider

    Host – ip_to_my_provider

    Insecure – choose Port, Invite

    Allow Inbound Calls – choose Yes (this option enable parameter type=friend) 

    From Domain – ip_to_my_provider (parameter fromdomain=ip_to_my_provider)

    Qualify – choose Yes

    In User section:

    Insecure – choose Port, Invite

    IP Autentification – Yes

    Qualify – Yes

    Register String – Use Default – No (if you no need register string for your provider)

    After that choose ADVANCED tab on the top of page and fill the fields

    Type = Friend  Parameter = canreinvite  Value  = no 

    Type = Friend  Parameter = dtfmmode  Value  = rfc2833

    2) For removing +1 from incoming calls first use PBX – Incoming Calls – CID modifiers

    Here you can use various rules to modify numbers. For removing +1 from start of number just set 2 in field CID Number Settings – Skip. It will ignore first two simbols in incoming calls.

    Than when you will create inbound route in PBX – External – Inbound Routes and choose in field Caller ID Modifier previously created modifier