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    I guess the reason is moot at this point.  My original issue was that I can’t get TLSv3 to listen on port 5063.  I tried to delete the profile to recreate it and ran into the other issues.  I restored from backup to get back up and running.  Here are the errors I am getting

    [2020-03-11 11:31:51] ERROR[24094]: config_options.c:798 aco_process_var: Error parsing method=tlsv3 at line 49 of /etc/asterisk/ombutel/pjsip__20-transport.conf
    [2020-03-11 11:31:51] ERROR[24094]: res_sorcery_config.c:407 sorcery_config_internal_load: Could not create an object of type ‘transport’ with id ‘transport-tls’ from configuration file ‘pjsip.conf’

    I am using a LetEncrypt Certificate, have a TLS profile created, and SSL Method set to TLSv3 in PJSIP Settings.  I also have the extension set to use the TLS profile.  What am I missing here?