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    Trunk is set to default, and queue is set to ‘None (RingBack)”


    exten => 300,1,NoOp(Queue: Support Queue)
    same => n,Set(__QUEUE_CALL=TRUE)
    same => n,Gosub(sub-set-moh,s,1(ringback,YES))
    same => n,Set(__QUEUE_NUMBER=300)
    same => n,Gosub(sub-set-call-vars,app-incoming,1)
    same => n(qconnect),NoOp(Connecting to Queue)
    same => n,Answer()
    same => n,Queue(Q300,,,,30)
    same => n,NoOp(Queue Status: ${QUEUESTATUS})
    same => n,Set(__QUEUE_CALL=FALSE)
    same => n,Goto(sub-extensions-vm,VMU-26691,1)
    same => n,Hangup()