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    Hello Miguel, I have just woken up (its 3am here) and seen the posts above. I tried the same commands, here’s my results:

    I called x209 from x201, then x209 pressed Warm Transfer (*2):
    [2019-04-24 03:24:35] VERBOSE[17011][C-00000007] pbx.c: Executing [209@sub-local-dialing:29] Set(“SIP/201-0000000b”, “MOH_CLASS=moh5”) in new stack
    [2019-04-24 03:24:35] VERBOSE[17011][C-00000007] pbx.c: Executing [209@sub-local-dialing:30] GosubIf(“SIP/201-0000000b”, “0?sub-set-moh,s,1(moh5)”) in new stack

    But the wrong MOH (asterisk moh) played instead of my custom (moh5).

    then I executed module reload
    Module ‘’ reloaded successfully.

    Log says:
    [2019-04-24 03:31:32] WARNING[17852][C-00000008] res_musiconhold.c: Music on Hold class ‘moh5’ not found in memory. Verify your configuration.

    Executed vitalpbx –check-integrity
    [root@vitalpbx moh]# vitalpbx –check-integrity

    No Issues Found!

    I again executed module reload

    [2019-04-24 03:35:59] VERBOSE[18332] loader.c: Reloading module ‘’ (Music On Hold Resource)
    [2019-04-24 03:35:59] VERBOSE[18332] res_musiconhold.c: Files not found in /var/lib/ombutel/static/497f4f0215e1b31a/moh/1 for moh class:default

    and the correct MOH now plays.

    I’m not sure which step “fixed” it but it looks like there is an ongoing problem that needs attention.