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    Re the MOH, I went to Settings/PBX Settings/Music on Hold/ and created a music class called “MOH” (how original!) and clicked update. Then in that class I uploaded a music file and updated the screen. Thats all I needed.

    BUT just now I tried those CLI commands you listed in case they were useful for my MWI problems. The check-integrity command identified some issues and created (amongst others) a folder /var/lib/ombutel/static/moh,   and now MOH doesn’t work! 

    So I dleeted the MOH class and music and recreated them, from the GUI.

    I notice that when you create a new music class using the GUI, it creates a new folder in /var/lib/ombutel/static/. In my case the new folder name was 497f4f0215e1b31a, obviously a random  hexadecimal sequence. Inside that folder it created a “moh” folder and has my music’s wav file with a random hexadecimal name. Inside the moh folder is a folder with a name like “1” which contains  a link back to that wav file. 

    So although the check-integrity command created folder /var/lib/ombutel/static/moh, that folder is NOT being used to store the moh class and wav file created by the GUI.

    This looks like a bit of a bug to me …..