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    Posted by: @kbohannon

    @rcuadra The change log neglects the one change that will prevent me from upgrading: the notification stretching across the top of the screen every time I log in telling me I should purchase something to make it go away. I appreciate your work, and will purchase what I can, but I have 25+ servers and don’t plan on telling some of my client administrators to “just ignore” the blue prompt if just a basic install is sufficient for their server. 


    Don’t you see how much money you made from deploying those 25+ free VitalPBXes?
    All the VitalPBX guys are asking is to buy a module or donate (which will give you a module license as well).

    You can tell your clients: if you don’t bother the nag-screen there is no additional charge. Otherwise: the Rebranding Module is only 50$. VitalPBX needs to live from something as well.

    Or you can stay with 2.4.0. That’s right.

    You are always free to use a different product in the future. Which one would that be with so many features for free?