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    Joseph Montes

    Hello Everyone,

    With the goal of always being transparent with everyone.

    There are no “Artificial Limitations” for the Free Community Version. The Free Community Version has all of the core features for VitalPBX, just how @ing-joserivera26 explained.┬áThe Blue Notification is just displaying a friendly reminder that you are using the Free Version of VitalPBX, and a lot of effort goes into the development of VitalPBX. This notification goes away when registering any License for any add-on, applying any plan, or making a donation through our donations page.

    The Donations made through the donation page will give you a license key similar to the licensing plans, where once you register it, the notification will go away. Plus, you will also be getting access to some fully licensed commercial add-ons, depending on the donation level you choose. Donations are one-time payments (meaning no hidden additional costs, recurring payments, or anything of that matter), similar to when you purchase licenses for individual add-ons.

    You are in no way obligated to purchase the new Pro Licensing Plan, to make the notification go away. The Pro Licensing plan is an entry-level plan you can now purchase to license various Commercial add-ons at a very low price.

    I hope that this clears up any doubts that might have arisen from the latest update.