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    According to the shared log, you have enabled the music on hold class in the dial profiles of your extension:

    Set(DIAL_OPTIONS=trm(moh2)b(set_dial^1)B(moh^1)):Set(DIAL_OPTIONS=trm(moh2)b(set_dial^1))") in new stack


    This is a log of an internal call on my test environment:

    Set(DIAL_OPTIONS=tTrb(set_dial^1)B(moh^1)):Set(DIAL_OPTIONS=tTrb(set_dial^1))") in new stack

    As you see, in my test environment I have set the MoH class value to None(Ringback), and not MoH is delivered to the caller, instead a ring tone is played. 

    I recommend the following, after configure your PBX with the desired options, try executing this command on the Linux console:

    php /usr/share/ombutel/scripts/dump_asterisk_conf