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    Well I just built a fresh VitalPBX installation on a 16GB USB stick, configured everything same as my production machine, all working except I am still getting MOH instead of ring tone.

    Settings / Technology Settings / Dial Profiles is set to “None (Ringback)” and every extension is set to “None (Ringback)”, as is every Inbound route and every Ttrunk.

    When I call internally (extn to extn) I get MOH not ring tone.

    I have four trunks set up each  with a DID/Inbound Route. Two  DIDs are with one provider, two are with another provider.

    When I use a cell phone to call the DIDs for each of those trunks, two of them (different providers)  eturn MOH to the caller, one returns ring tone, and one is silent.

    I am unable to understand how or why this is happening. Is there some setting I have missed?