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    Hi Jose

    I know it looks like I had it set to MOH, but it isn’t set to that in the GUI, that’s why I sent the log extract.

    In the GUI every extension’s Advanced tab is set to MOH= “None(ringback)”

    But I have just tried the suggested “dump_asterisk_conf” command and it has restored the ringback tone to normal. Thank you!! 

    Does running that command wipe any of my other settings?

    I am still puzzled about why this problem happened, as this was a fresh clean build of VitalPBX. I kept a written record of every setting I configured, and none of the settings had MOH enabled. 

    There are three scripts added to the Task Manager. One of the scripts is a trunk-check that runs every 5 minutes, I can’t see why that would cause a problem though as it had been in use on the previous machine for months.

    For now it looks to be back to normal, so thank you for your great support.