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    Hi @toerlemans @taylor

    -This issue can be mitigated by leaving empty “From users” and “From domain” as @mrivera and myself pointed out.

    On the Trunk, the parameter “From”  you don’t need to add anything. That option will replace the SIP username renaming the one you have in your phone and whatnot. I have seen it in many asterisk application including CUCM.

    By default, the system sends the CID you have configured on your extension.
    Also, you can control your outbounds via outbound rules or trunking rules besides using the extension as well. It all depends where do you want to control your outbound based on rules.

    Now, Caller-ID are not controlled by VoIP providers. Providers can only control Caller-ID lookups using CNAM to lookup names callers. 

    Once you have registered your system via the “Register String” you will be sending outgoing calls. You can even spoof numbers that aren’t real, so I highly doubt after tweaking a bit on the provider you could’ve able to fix it. It seems to be something in your system THAT is OR not checked. 

    But glad you figured something out at the end of the day.