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    By default, it seems VitalPBX sends the “extension” as callerID.

    I have tested VitalPBX with 2 providers: and
    Cheapconnect will show the CID you have set in the CheapConnect portal.

    VoipPlanet (and perhaps will show NO callerid if the CID doesn’t match the CID linked with the trunk.
    With VoipPlanet I had to rewrite the CID using the international telephone number notation:

    31NNXXXXXXX    *eg.   31851234567    for Dutch number 085-1234567

    I didn’t have to, but you may have to the put the “+” in front of the country number.

    The nice thing about VoipPlanet I believe, is they could link several CID to your trunk, so you could choose your outbound CID if you e.g. are using one PBX for several company locations.