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    Thank you for your detailed responses. I have managed to update the Default SIP Profile as requested.

    For the Trunk Configurations:

    • Would you be able to check over the settings I have placed for PAI
      • In Advanced > Custom Settings


    • I am unable to find the parameter “usereqphone=yes” to set to yes.

    The following is the versions I am running:

    • VitalPBX 2.1.1-1
    • Asterisk 13.23.1-1

    Can you confirm if the parameter is available for that version.  If not, is there a workaround in the meantime? However, I am getting the “;user=phone”  on URI now as I have manually updated the sip__50-1-trunks.conf file.

    Currently we are still unable to get the PAI. I suspect something is lacking in my configuration from the above.