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    hi ,

    i’m not getting anywere with this as when opertor presses #2 to stop call and #3 to resume the  variable ${UNIQUEID} is the opposite id of the other channel that variable REC_FILE uses to name teh file. found that  using same=>n,Set(GLOBAL(MYUNIQUEID)=${UNIQUEID}) only works if there is olnt i call active , when multiple calls this variable has UNIQUEID of most recent call.

    according to this page

    if i, reading it correctly the ActivateBy parameter is nolonger used

    “ActivatedBy is no longer honored. The feature is activated by which channel DYNAMIC_FEATURES includes the feature is on. Use a pre-dial handler to set different values for DYNAMIC_FEATURES on the channels. Historic values are: “caller”, “callee”, and “both”.”

    where would i get this in a pre-dial handler ?



    but futher in teh wiki