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    The Flowroute SIP config

    I’m not sure how your confirming the login failure from the VitalPBX or Flowroute.  I’m kind of wondering if you can actually get to Flowroute.  If you go to the VitalPBX server (not logging into the web interface but the actual server) login as root.  Can you ping your Host that you identified in your config?  Thus – ping [preferred PoP] 

    This will confirm your DNS lookup works and you can in fact get to the “pop”. 

    Not insulting you.  You may have already done this I’m just kicking ideas out.

    As a side note I also as going to go with Flowroute however they charge the Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) – which as ~$12 per DID.  VOIP.MS only charges usage and for the DID.