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    For anyone else wanting to get this kind of thing up and running. I followed the instructions above and it works perfectly. Rather than have duplicate entries for other numbers (international, toll free etc) I created an Outbound Route for each city, then one extra Outbound Route (OBCommon) for all of the entries common to all. Then in each city Outbound Route the Failover Destination is Outbound Routes -> OBCommon.

    In the Route Selections, I have a route for each city, this then has the outbound route of the city plus the OBCommon route so that it can follow on to the common dialplan if it’s not a local number.

    A class of service for each city points to the Route Selection and each Extension uses the Class of Service for its city.

    Somewhat complex but seems to work.

    Thanks again.



    So each Class of Service then routes through its respective city