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    I try to explain better. I have a company site in Spain and a company site in Italy, both with own PBX and they are interconnectd with IAX2 trunk and dedicated outbound routes to interconnect the sites. 

    In Italy there are many people that in Spain. Sometime when a person in Spain is not present, I need to add to Spanish queue an Italian agent.

    I cannot have the same PBX for both sites for several reason. One for all it’s the better connection to more near VoIP provider at site.

    It’s not big problem. As workaround I have think to create a temporary extension in Spain, add it to the queue and make a call forward to Italian extension.

    In the next months I will buy your Communicator, so maybe with hotdesk feature I can solve better. But in this moment in Spain there is always the old PBX (Elastix) and I need to do tests.