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    Hi Mrivera,

    Thank you very much for a your kind reply.

    Please kindly guide me how to accomplish below situation in Vital which I have done in freePBX based distro with a single step.

    I tried a lot and honestly I cannot figure it out in Vital (may be my dumbness) . So could you kindly show me the steps to  follow in Vital to 

    accomplish below. 

    My requirement is like this,

    (see the image to get an idea how i got it with FreePBX),

    Say for example, there are 100 series, 200 series, 300 series and 400 series extensions available a particular PBX implementation and I need to

    allow user at ext 200 to only dial to ‘0’ [Operator] ,  251, 302, 4xx (any number in 400 series) and *6xxx (5 digit numbers staring with *6).

    And the above can be done in one shot in the current system as illustrated in the attached image.

    There are  more than 20, this kind of patterns configured in my client’s currently in production freePBX based system with more 200+ extensions.

    and time to it has to be changed according to customer’s request.

    I really need to change this system to Vital and this stops me migrating this system to Vital. 

    So your help is much appreciated.

    Thank you,