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    What the “custom contexts”  add-ons do, is to connect your custom dial plan with VitalPBX GUI.

    for example, you may create a file named “extensions__60-1-custom.conf” under “/etc/asterisk/ombutel” path, and add the following dial-plan:

    exten => s,1,NoOP(Dummy DialPlan)
    same => n,Playback(vm-welcome)
     same => n,Hangup()

    So, how you may execute this custom context on VitalPBX?

    Easy, using the custom contexts add-on. With the custom contexts add-on, you may use your custom contexts as VitalPBX destinations, also, in the custom add-ons, you may configure a destination that you may use to transfer the call to another VitalPBX context after executing the custom context.